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You could be one of the 10 lucky winners @ each new $1 price increase! Each token is an entry into each Sweepstakes! You win 2 ways as the token price goes up: your token holdings increase and you can win in the sweepstakes. Earn more tokens to increase your odds of winning.
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Get free tokens while they last to increase your token wealth and increase your chances of winning $1,000,000. Here's how.
Guess Prices
Guess the price of the Upside Token (UPSIDE) in the first week of launch and also one year later. If you're right, you win tokens.
Social Media Competitions
If you create a TikTok, Tweet, or Meme about UpsideToken, enter it into our competition. Users vote on the best ones with 20 winners in each category.
Invite your friends using your referral link, or share TikToks, Tweets, or Memes from our competition. Each time your friend or follower clicks and signs-in, you get a free token.

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What are you waiting for??!? It literally costs you nothing and we're giving away $1B making 1,000 people millionaires. Sound too good to be true? We feel you. Here are two videos that walk you through how it all works and why it makes sense. But whatever you do, don't pass up this opportunity or you'll feel really silly soon.
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