Winning guesses win up to 5 tokens each. If there are more than 20,000 winners, all winners will split the 100,000 prize tokens for each price guess.
How to Enter & Win:
  • Go to the Price Guess page on the mobile app.
  • Guess the average price of a single coin, to the penny, for the first week of trading.
  • Guess the average price of a single token, to the penny, for 24-hours on the 1-year anniversary of the launch of trading.
What else do I need to know?
  1. For a chance to win more token, you will want to guess a price where the number of guesses is low.
  2. We will round the average price to the nearest penny and then award winners.
  3. You can change your guesses up to 30-days before the launch of trading, then they are both locked down.
  4. The "average" price is determined based on the number of tokens trading at each price, NOT on the time it stayed at that price. For example, if 10 tokens traded at $100, and 3 tokens traded at $110, the average price is: ((10 tokens x $100) + (3 tokens x $110)) / 13 tokens = $102.31
  5. The winning pot is 500 tokens for each price guess. We will divide those 500 tokens among the qualified individuals who guessed the correct price. Tokens will be automatically deposited into your wallet.
  6. Individuals affiliated with UpsideToken are ineligible for these price competitions.
  7. Good Luck!
  8. You must be a real person with only one account to qualify to win the price competition.